Attention Adventurers! New Kickstarter Alert!

The Veiled Dungeon & The Long Road – RPG Toolboxes Going to Kickstarter May 24!

The Veiled Dungeon & The Long Road RPG toolboxes are designed to be an essential kit for DM and GMs, and feature all new maps from the award winning team at Loke Battle Mats!

All New Maps!

Large double-sided, fold-out maps for each location which are wet & dry wipe marker compatible. These maps are modular (so they line-up seamlessly) and all feature a 1” grid.

So you get fully mapped locations But also much, much more.

Attention Adventurers!

Each Toolbox also contains a 5E adventure set in the mapped locations. AND random encounters, adventure generators, unique monsters and quick reference monster cards.

All designed to make the life of a DM or GM easier.

You can run the 5E adventure, as written, through the mapped location and all the work is done for you.

But we know that sometimes you need something you can include in your own games, so a lot of thought has gone into making this material adaptable, reusable and easily accessible.

Plug & Play!

The toolboxes are designed to be compatible with existing campaigns. DMs and GMs can use the maps in any way that suits – They are modular and can create many different layouts for both the Dungeon and Road locations.

So you can create your own amazing layout combinations, customise the maps using a simple marker and use multiple times over.

Modular maps & easy to adapt modular content!

If you would like to adapt the content of the toolboxes to use in your existing campaign then it’s simple!

Both the Veiled Dungeon and the Long Road are divided into “Areas” with specific maps that work particularly well together.

Each area also has specific monsters and random encounters written for it.

So all you have to do is pick the area which you’d like to use and you have maps, monsters and encounters all ready to go!

Of course you can also pick any single map, encounter or monster to use individually.

The Veiled Dungeon

A 5E Adventure for characters level 3-5

“As the fog lifted it becomes clear that our lands have been left terribly wrong. Our future depends on you discovering what has befallen us all. And saving us all.

A lone survivor has come to us from the ancient place under the Vale, where our brightest and best explored this site of special arcane interest. They can only say one word.


The Long Road

A 5E Adventure for characters level 3-5

A simple note on the jobs board has proven to be a little more involved that you had first hoped as you are now custodian (and apparently master vintner) of several barrels of grape juice that will eventually be worth a king’s ransom.

If you successfully navigate the long road to fermentation.


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