Draw your own Adventure!

Draw any map in moments on this durable wipe clean board.

The Battle Map Board – Grid and Hex – is a wipe clean board folding out to 24x24 inches. A must have for Dungeon & Game Masters, this durable board is wet & dry erase compatible with a large flat area with reference 1” grid on one side and 1” hex on the reverse.

The board is super easy to clean (simple use a damp cloth) and store as it folds to a handy 1x1 foot. Drawing maps to suit your encounter is a doddle with the reference grid & hex, and the large area allows for any encounter to be accommodated.
The board provides a stable, flat base for miniatures, 3D terrain and any mid encounter drawing required. An essential part of any DM kit.

1 Inch Grid & 1 Inch hex

24x24 inch play area

Wipe Clean - Both Wet & Dry Marker safe

Durable laminated 3mm fold out board

Easy to store & Transport

Lay flay, perfect for use with miniatures

Ultimate versatility & Reusability!