Loke Battle Mats boldly go Beyond the Blue Nebula

Beyond the Blue Nebula – A Kickstarter for 100+ digital Sci-Fi Maps.


Boldly going Live on Kickstarter November 16 is Beyond the Blue Nebula – Loke Battle Mats’ compilation of 100+ highly detailed maps and 500+ tiles & tokens for Sci-Fi RPG. All VTT ready to roll!

Unrivalled Flexibility and content

  • 100+ VTT Ready maps
  • Multiple ship variations – Furnished, unfurnished and multiple decks (cargo bay, living quarters, command deck etc)
  • Gridded & Gridless versions. Starscape backgrounds and transparency layered variations.
  • 500+ Maps Tiles & Tokens to make & customise your own digital maps *
  • Fast Digital Delivery Via DiveThurRPG!

*Using your own preferred software or VTT platform

What really sets this Kickstarter apart if the assets to build and customise maps. Loke Battle Mats are also making available as a pledge level a set of 500+ tiles and tokens to allow backers to build their own maps using our assets in their preferred software/VTT platform.

Of course as Loke are also providing unfurnished versions of all our ship & base maps this also adds flexibility to refurbish all our unfurnished maps to suit any encounter scenario!

Loke Battle Mats already publish two physical Sci-Fi RPG Map Books, and as part of this Kickstarter Loke will also be making available to backers in the mainland US & UK the opportunity to pick up our Big & Giant Books of Battle Mats at a very special rate!

To follow Beyond the Blue Nebula or to back after Nov 16 please go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamingbooks/beyond-the-blue-nebula-100-digital-maps-for-sci-fi-rpgs

Live on Kickstarter November 16! 


Useful Information – Loke Battle Mats have made available free of charge an example ship map set from Beyond the Blue Nebula - https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/376492/Messier-Shuttle-Craft--Battle-Map-Deck-Plans?src=newest

The Messier Shuttle has multiple deck variations and contains over 30 images files in total, including hex tokens to move the shuttle over starscape maps.

Every space ship in Beyond the Blue Nebula will be presented with multiple deck variations, furnished & unfurnished, and have their own hex tokens.