Looking ahead to 2022

With January behind us we are looking at a year ahead packed with launches and new products!

January saw The Wilderness Collection fly out of our warehouse. Joining the existing Dungeon and Towns and Taverns books, this completes our trilogy of modular book sets!

The rest of our year is just as packed!

Good Things come in Threes!

Summer 2022 will see the launch of our Big Book of Battle Mats Volume 3! This eagerly awaited third installment in our Book of Battle Mats range adds another 60 fantasy RPG maps to our library.

The Giant Book of Battle Mats Volume 3 will launch in Autumn 2022.

Box of Adventure

Our Box of Adventure 2 - Coast of Dread launched Autumn 2022. Following on from where Valley of Peril left off, Coast of Dread adds dozens more maps of cemeteries, villages, sewers, coasts and swamps as well as hundreds of cut out tokens of NPCs, beasts, baddies, terrain and buildings.

New Map Board

Our New Battle Map Board - Grid & Hex - joins our range of fold our wipe clean boards.

folding out to a huge 2x2ft play area, this is ideal for drawing your own maps with the added advantage of no staining! Dry/Wet erase compatible.

A Little look further ahead!

And finally we'll leave this little teaser here for you!