Towns & Taverns Modular Books of Battle Mats in the spotlight

Following a ground-breaking Kickstarter campaign and an ENnie nomination for Best Cartography in 2021 it's time to take a closer look at our Towns & Taverns Books of Battle Mats.

Towns & Taverns is a great tool for Dungeon Masters as it provides almost unlimited urban fantasy map options without the need to spend hours drawing maps.

Towns & Taverns is a 2 book set. These hardbacked modular RPG Map books are wipe clean and lay flat, giving you hundreds of different map options.

Featuring standard entry & exit points, these maps are full modular and align seamlessly to create larger encounter areas.

The innovative wire spine allows the books to fold fully in hald to play each page individually.

And the modular designs let you have some fin creating map areas!

Towns & Taverns is suitable for any fantasy tabletop roleplaying game including Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.

You can pick up Towns & Taverns from your friendly local gaming store, favourite online retailer of from