We are so excited to release the Giant Book of Battle Mats Volume 3!

All new Giant Battle Maps in a handy book coming in October!

Loke Battle Mats are delighted to announce the upcoming release of the Giant Book of Battle Mats Volume 3, which will be available from local hobby stores, online retailers and directly from Loke Battle Mats.

A must have for DM s & GMs, this newest addition to Loke Battle Mats’ award winning range features all new maps and even more essential encounter themes for fantasy tabletop RPGs!

This huge tome of wet/dry erase compatible maps is fully 5E compatible.

Featuring adaptable, versatile and reusable maps, and plain grids to draw your own, there is a map for any encounter at your fingertips!

This handy book opens flat to create huge maps, or can fold fully in half for smaller encounters, or to create a surprise to players as the other half of the map can be revealed mid-encounter! The clever design works around the spine so no squares are wasted, so every inch of the book is battle ready.

From airships to town docks, sewers to cemeteries and dungeon halls to deep mines, this is a must have book for all DMs and GMs! It will save drawing maps pre and mid game, and guarantee   immersive encounters for your campaign.

So all you have to do is open the map book and roll initiative!

The Giant Book of Battle Mats Volume 3 is coming in October to your local hobby gaming store, favourite online retailer or direct from Loke Battle Mats.